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A person with as much experience in life as they have in creative expression has probably forgotten more than we'll ever know about the industry. However, one thing that Hesh can never forget is the essence of themselves that goes into all of their pieces. Like any great artist, every project, piece, and presentation carries a meaning and depth that, while many can appreciate and attempt to see it. Only Hesh truly knows it intimately enough to put it to words. In the Cannabis Chronicles you'll find a blog that will consolidate all of the story and work put in to each of the pieces. Hesh believes that less is more, and wants you to be able to appreciate the art as it is, standalone and with no distractions. But for those who wish to dig deeper the Cannabis Chronicles is the page to visit. Check out the link below to see for yourself.

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Hesh being a true artist understands the value of feedback from the public and consumers alike. In their quest to bring their modern, creative, and original products and content to clothing and accessories Hesh has taken their fair share of feedback along the way. Looking to give some of your own? It is more than welcome. Check out the link below to access Hesh's easy to use contact form!

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