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Are you a social media influencer looking to represent an established name in entertainment, media and graphic design? Are you looking to promote a unique and expanding brand created by an artist who's collaborated with legendary names such as Dr. Dre, Guns 'n' Roses, and The Rolling Stones? Hesh One is looking for people to spread awareness about his unique, stylish, and all original clothing brand crafted specifically for those who appreciate cannabis. If we've caught your attention, continue reading to get started! You can also check out the link below to learn more about Hesh One's extensive resume of legendary clients.

Wow, Hesh One Is Dope!
So Where Do I Start?

Hesh One Brand Ambassador Program

We're happy to see that you're interested in being a brand ambassador for Hesh One! To get started, simply fill out the application form below. If you are approved you will receive an email letting you know that your application has been selected. Please don't be discouraged if you are not immediately approved. We save all applications for future opportunities and promotions, which means your chance to collaborate with Hesh One could be right around the corner. To see some of the products that you might be promoting, click the link below.

Sounds Simple, What If I'm Chosen?

If selected you will receive a one time code for a 35% discount on an article of Hesh One's amazing clothing. After your item has been purchased you will be sent a unique code of your own to use in tandem with your promotional content. This code will allow those who buy after viewing your content a 15% discount. You can then track how many people are buying Hesh One merchandise using your code via our brand ambassador dashboard. For every three purchases made using your unique code, you'll receive $30 dollars off all Hesh One products. An incredible value and an opportunity to sport the apparel of an entertainment industry and marketing legend! To begin your journey of brand ambassadorship for Hesh One, fill out the form below.

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An Opportunity To Rep Hesh For Sizable Benefits

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A Thank You From Hesh One

We would like to express our sincerest thanks for your interest in becoming a brand ambassador for Hesh One. In the modern age of marketing, we understand the invaluable influence that social media entrepreneurs have over the ability for a brand to grow and thrive. To learn more about Hesh One's rise through the industry, click below.

Get In Touch With Hesh One

Have any questions about our ambassador program? Looking to get in touch with Hesh One regarding his products or art? Hesh One is happy to answer any inquiry you may have in a prompt manner. You can find a contact form in the link below. We're happy to help you in any way we can. Thanks!

A Parting Sentiment

Hesh One can definitely appreciate the dreams of young entrepreneurs looking to make their mark and grow their exposure in pursuit of their dreams and success. Be sure to stop by the Hesh One products page in the link below to take a look at some of the incredible merchandise Hesh One has created, you'll be glad you did. Once again, thank you so much for your support! From all of us at Hesh One.

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