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Big Tings A Gwaan

All kinds of big things going on over here for 2022. Seems like everybody and they’re mom started an apparel line in ’20-’21 so I’m going to try out some other ideas. Yeah, I’m still going to have t-shirts, hats, and pullovers because those are wardrobe staples but I’m looking outside the box at some bigger design projects to distinguish the brand.

One big difference I see in the haze of competition is that design over here is not lacking. Ideas aren’t lacking either.

For instance, the beanies that are about to drop for 2022 don’t just have some embroidery on another company’s standard hat offering. Instead, I designed my own cuffless beanies using preferred material (Australian Merino wool) and with original Hesh One patterns (Brandon and Danny) as well as original labeling. Boom! The first genuine Hesh One products.

The same goes for the ball caps I’m working on – they will be true Hesh One products as well. Not simply an embroidered logo slapped on some standard hat found online. Like the beanies, I’m making these things from the ground up with preferred hat style, custom ribbon, and labeling. (They are taking longer than expected because I’m obsessive and learning about hats.)

This is the same vibe I’m bringing while cooking up dope for 2022. Like the Hesh One Dry Goods Co. child-resistant smell-proof mylar bags pictured above to pair with a backpack or crossbody sling. Will these ideas make it to market? I dunno. But keep an eye here for photos of big things going on.

Hesh One wishes you safe holidays and a healthy and prosperous 2022.

CURRENT THING: Buy a Hesh One Dry Goods Co. pullover and I’ll throw in a rolling tray and stickers @ heshone.com until 1/2/22 (while supplies last).

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