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The Story Behind the Art

Welcome to the blogspace of Hesh One where you can find exclusive stories and insights into their original artworks are featured on quality 420 apparel. Look below to find out about the heart and soul behind the designs. If you have any questions then head by the contact page. If you have any art related requests then check out Hesh One's freelance page. Thank you for your interest in a deeper look into the mind of Hesh One.

The Hesh One Cannabis Chronicles


Interested in rocking some of the most original and eye catching stoner apparel? Hesh One's product page sports clothes for the modern day stoner whose looking for a more upscale look that will be the talk of the sesh. Hesh One's accessories are also a must see! Take a look at the link below to browse Hesh One's exclusive collection.

Hesh one


Hesh One's history of graphic design and advertising mastery is one of intrigue and professionalism. They have worked with a truly awe inspiring number of some of the biggest names in music and entertainment in the past 30 years. Take a look at some of Hesh One's impressive clientele and more with link below.


Hesh One's story is one of perserverance, risk, and growth. Follow them from their high school days when they first discovered their passion for graphic design all the way up to the modern day. After a lifetime of achievement, success, and innovation their story is one worthy of both telling and seeing.


Looking to get in touch with Hesh One? Their contact page is simple and easy to use. Just fill out your return contact info and Hesh One will be sure to get back to you in a concise and prompt manner. They look forward to hearing from you!

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