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Customized HESH Pendant Review

Yo! We wanted to know who made the best customized HESH pendant, and there’s only one way to find out, so we ordered jewelry from a couple of the leaders: Gold Presidents, The GLD Shop, and 6 Ice. Why HESH pendants? Because they have a long history in the Hip Hop game and signify what team you’re on: Hesh and fresh to death!

Price is dependent on the number of characters in your piece and what it’s made of. Costs range a couple hundred dollars for plated brass or silver with cubic zirconias on up to $15k for yellow or white gold with diamonds. The examples here are plated with CZs.

The delivery presentation from all three companies is pretty much the same: same size box, vinyl pouch, and warranty card. Pendant arrives shrink wrapped in easy-to-remove plastic to protect the finish.

All three pendants come with a small rope chain so you can rock ’em right out of the box but they aren’t great so upgrade your chain to boss-up a level from the get-go. Drip Talk Jewelry makes affordable plated cuban and tennis chains that drip so you can pair your pendant up to finish off the look without breaking the bank.

  • THE GLD SHOP “Custom City Font”
  • Pros: Fast turnaround (four weeks); CZ cuts and settings really shine; solid construction (not hollow or cage back), large bail, and; very easy to read
  • Cons: Substantial but lacks weight and bail causes 10 mm cuban to need adjusting occasionally (sits great with a 5 mm tennis chain).
  • Fresh Level: 1st for turnaround, legibility, and construction.
  • From: thegldshop.com or on IG @shopgld.
  • Available in Hesh One Shop & Ships Now!
  • Pictured above with 5 mm tennis chain from Drip Talk Jewelry.
6 Ice "Varsity Letter Custom Pendant"
6 Ice
  • 6 ICE “Varsity Letter Custom Pendant”
  • Pros: Solid construction (not hollow or cage back) and green fill stones make it very easy to read.
  • Cons: Extremely slow turnaround (11 weeks), CZs cut and settings just don’t shine like the other two, the large CZs don’t look as good as smaller ones in the other pieces, and; small bail.
  • Fresh Level: 2nd for legibility and construction.
  • From: 6ixice.com or on IG @shop6ice.
  • Pictured above without chain upgrade.
Gold Presidents (top)+ The GLD Shop (bottom)
Gold Presidents + The GLD Shop
  • GOLD PRESIDENTS “Custom Varsity Name Necklace”
  • Pros: Fast turnaround (four weeks); CZ cut and settings really shine; sold construction (not hollow or cage back), and; large bail.
  • Cons: Difficult to read without some shadows on the pendant to provide contrast. The entire point is to flex so people should be able to read it easily.
  • Fresh Level: 3rd for lack of legibility but would be first if it was easier to read.
  • From: goldpresidents.com or on IG @goldpresidents.
  • Pictured above with 10 mm The GLD Shop Cuban link chain in front of The GLD Shop pendant with 5 mm 24″ Drip Talk Jewelry tennis chain.

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