Elevate Your Personal Brand - Tips for Pulling off High Fashion Stoner Apparel

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Elevate Your Personal Brand

Tips for Pulling off High Fashion Stoner Apparel

The revolving fashion industry takes a while to understand for most. In the U.S., we typically follow trends from other parts of the world. In the past, celebrities and influencers were the first spotting of upcoming fashion moves. Today, anyone can be unintentionally internet famous overnight and in turn share their style with the world. As humans, we’re always watching what others do regardless of or concious effort to be authentic. With fads coming in and out of style like clockwork, Hesh One is here with a few pieces of advice to stay looking fresh in your perfect stoner clothing!

  1. Be Yourself! Now-a-days, confidence is the key to portraying attractiveness. The world is changing to become more inclusive and accepting than ever, including with fashion choices. The type of person you see going viral is no loner a specific subset. If cannabis clothing brands have caught your eye, you’ve come to the right place. Rocking a graphic tee with your favorite marijuana brand has never been cooler.
  2. Y2K is Still in. The grunge and layered looks of the late 90s and early 2000s have returned, seemingly here to stay for a while. This makes now the perfect time to explore what type of outfit you feel best in. You can throw on a zip-up, branded hoodie from a local caregiver over a graphic with a pair of faded blue jeans, or a go little more extra sporting a favorite dispensary’s windbreaker with cargo pants.
  1. Add in Some Color! Have you ever seen a shirt on the rack that spoke your name but the color was out of your wheelhouse? Take another look and give yourself the push to try it out during these times of exploration in fashion. For 2022, experts are predicting specific colors that increase dopamine to break out into the market like never before such as yellow and magenta. Now’s the perfect time to find your color!
  1. Paint Something Abstract With Clothing. Not sure what to pair? It doesn’t matter! Top fashion influencers get praised daily in today’s culture for their ability to pull off a look that just sounds wrong. Clashing patterns and fonts are the norm in the cartoon-like designs on merchandise from pot shops. Represent where you get your medicine and showcase your unique style without the limitations of matching color schemes and prints.
  1. Support Local – This year and the last 5 or so has pushed the consumer market toward small and local businesses. Not only does shopping with a small business support their families, it supports the economy in your town. Keeping more of people’s income in tight-knit communities has proven sustainability for the places they live. Small-town dispensaries have really shown out in the merchandise department, consider checking out your local shop and picking up a new piece to match your Hesh apparel show them off together!

Ready to Rock it

After brushing up on some tips for fashion when sporting your favorite cannabis dispensaries and brands, you’re sure to be carrying yourself like a million bucks this year. Hesh One is proud to offer our own line of merchandise to add to your collection! The time is now to become your authentic and true self through fashion. Take some risks while shopping for your next outfit and remember to always add some merch while picking up your daily dose of marijuana. A special shout out and thanks to the crowd of loyal customers who’ve always rocked your favorite local dispensaries! Stay comfortable and enjoy the process of finding your style!

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