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Looking to buy attire that is creative, original, and made by one of the biggest names in entertainment advertising? Hesh One sports only the finest designs printed on the finest materials. We want to create a classier style for those who love cannabis and want to look good doing it. Hesh One’s clothing has designs you’ll love and that are sure to turn heads and inspire conversation. Hesh One has a truly impressive resume of past clients and projects. Working for years in the entertainment industry and advertising have provided plenty of practice in honing their artistic abilities to the next level. Working with artistic greats such as Breaking Benjamin, Maroon 5, and Snoop Dogg plus brings a huge amount of inspiration and artistic practice into every piece of apparel they offer. To buy some Hesh One apparel today, click below. But to see the breakdowns of some of our incredible clothing, read on.

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Astronaut Hall of Fame


This tee was handcrafted by the fellow psychonaut that you know and love. You can blast off without ever leaving the ground with this prime piece of cannabis apparel.  With a classy contrast of black and gold, this shirt is fun, yet subtle and sophisticated all at once.  Available in sizes from small all the way to triple extra-large, Hesh One has you covered. We always pre-wash all of our tees before they reach you to ensure your swag doesn’t shrink. Hesh One has been creating some of the dopest designs in entertainment advertising for years. The creative minds at Hesh One have collabed with A-list names such as Dr. Dre, Gun N’ Roses, and Jason Mraz.

Rep designs from one of the most influential artists and advertisers in the twenty-first century. Get your Hesh One apparel today!

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Flower To The PeopleFlower To The People

This tee captures the spirit of the ever-changing and growing cannabis industry throughout the United States. Almost half of the country has at least decriminalized it while many states have embraced the plant we know and love with open arms. We believe this victory should be celebrated with an original design printed on their high-quality apparel. Hesh One is here to provide a fresh, classier vibe to stoner threads that you won’t find anywhere else. Their artistic prowess and their creative minds bring you only the best in original stoner apparel. Get your own “Flower to the People” tee and start supporting today!

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US Joint Detention Tee

U.S. Joint Detection

Hesh One admittedly enjoys putting a spin on government seals, with some cannabis flair of course. This tee features a majestic bald eagle clutching a massive joint. Humor is something that Hesh One values just as much as creativity, originality, and quality. There’s no better way to fight The Man than turning symbols of the establishment into those of our own. Through the power of creativity and cannabis we take on the powers that be one tee at a time. Made from only the most quality materials and pre washed to avoid shrinkage, these true to size crew neck tees are sure to be the talk of the sesh.

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From name brands to government seals, Hesh One knows how to take an idea and make it their own. Every design is carefully crafted with attention to detail and quality materials. When it comes to design and originality, Hesh One is always ten steps ahead. Whether you’re proud to be a stoner or a little more discreet, Hesh One has something for everyone. You can show your stripes with our classic “I Love Dabs” and “Stoner” tees or ride under the radar with low profile options like our “California Bear” and “Astronaut Space Break” designs.


Between unique designs and top-shelf materials, Hesh One is sure to impress any cannabis connoisseur.
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