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Who is Hesh One?

Hesh One is a citizen of the Chickasaw Nation currently living in Ardmore, Oklahoma. As an established professional graphic designer in the concert touring industry they have spent the last 30 years creating advertising to encourage people to go to concerts. All the while they are also an advocate of cannabis. Reach out today to learn more!


After years of making art for clients, Hesh decided to switch gears in 2021 and produce art for a line of cannabis-centric t-shirts for themselves. Using bold graphics to convey love for the flowering plant, Hesh has created a strong line of shirts to wear when you want to rock something unique and limited edition.


Hesh One Cannabis Chronicles is a place to find up to date information on new designs, upcoming apparel, and fresh Hesh styles. You can also find many of the unique stories behind existing custom Hesh One designs and apparel. Stay in-the-know with all that comes with the Hesh One brand with this informative and convenient resource!


In addition to bold streetwear, Hesh One is a freelance problem solver via graphic art and design who creates eye-catching collateral that sells client ideas, products and/or tickets. Interested in working with Hesh One's unique designs? They would love to hear from you! New and interesting opportunities are Hesh's favorite.

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