Houston “Christmas Lights Pop-Up Ride”

I’m a freelance graphic designer so I was glad to assist when asked by a friend to do a quick graphic for her bike ride next Monday in Houston, Texas.

  • Monday December 20
  • Christmas Lights Pop-Up Ride
  • 20 Miles with Bridges
  • Hosted by Motivated Monday
  • Lead by Neff Starr from Illegal Amigos
  • Meet 7:00 + Roll Out 7:30
  • I Cycle Bike Shop
  • 2040 E T C Jester Blvd | Houston, Texas

The first thing that came to mind was a sprocket wreath of lights and that turned out to be a good direction to head. Went with the font family Tungsten by Hoefler & Co. so I could use both heavy and thin letters to express the idea with narrow being an important feature. The event didn’t get a logo and is typeset in Tungsten like the body text. Motivated Monday needed a logotype, and I wanted something fast looking, so I usted the Hybrid Typeface by Adobe.

#heshone #ideaplanexecute #freelance #graphicdesigner #adobeillustrator #eventflyer #houstontx #cycling #cyclist #cyclinglife #roadcycling

@teegralux @neffstarr @icycle_texas

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