The Beanies Are Almost Done

Just in time for winter! Our first, fully custom-made Merino wool beanies are in the pipe in Guangdong, China. Next week they will be on an airplane headed for the Hesh One Industrial Complex in Ardmore, Oklahoma. Yay globalism!

A friend asked, “Why are you getting the beanies made in China?”, which is a reasonable question considering it’s on the other side of the planet and we’re a tiny company with no funding.

If getting this done in the United States was an option I could find then I wouldn’t have gone the international route but it wasn’t and since I don’t hate on the Chinese people going to a Chinese company isn’t weird to me in a global economy. Also, I didn’t just seek to create a custom label on the outside of a standard hat, rather, I wanted a fully custom cuffless beanie made of Merino wool with my own proprietary repeating print.

The Brandon Beanie

A big difference between hats readily available on the internet and custom hats are label size and placement. When the only thing different about your hat is the label then you want the label to be on the outside. Since my hats are original creations the print speaks for itself so the label can be tucked away, hidden on the inside. Bad news for label whores but good news for people who don’t like big, exterior labels.

To be fair, Hesh One Dry Goods Co. is new so the Brandon pattern isn’t known either… yet! Think of it like a limited edition art print that is pragmatic.

The Hesh One cuffless Merino wool beanies will be out in January. linktr.ee/hesh1

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