The Moon Rocks Tee Has Landed

Straight from tonight’s lunar eclipse, presumably, is a new t-shirt drop for the end of 2021 – the Moon Rocks tee. Based on product packaging for a nonexistent quarter-ounce of Moon Rocks, by the also nonexistent Hesh One Psychonautics, the Moon Rocks tee is here for a brief visit through the holidays. Kinda like your brother but, let’s be real, he’s moving back in with your parents and this t-shirt is just here for a few weeks.

Some of my friends who prefer dabs think smoking flower is dirty and Moon Rocks are gross but I am a stoner’s stoner and enjoy a manipulated bud voyage with a trusty bong on occasion. I find they give a nice high and are worth the extra cost compared to plain, boring flower that isn’t treated with extra THC. Like, why even bother?

Finding Moon Rocks isn’t easy. I usually harvest them while tending to the wild preroll joints out in the field, not long after they’ve fallen from the heavens, in the early hours of the day. Here’s a recent photo of me in the morning scooping up two Moon Rocks into a clear farming vial for future smoking. I can’t help but have that smug look after such a find!

Moon Rocks out in the wild.

Designed to look more like a Sci-Fi poster than a weed package, the Moon Rocks tee slides in a bit low-key with the Hesh One Weed World logo in the largest crater being the only obvious nod to cannabis for the uninitiated. The logo isn’t screaming at you with it’s placement in the off-kilter crater.


The limited edition Moon Rocks tee includes shipping in the United States so consider that in your, um, consideration. They are both soft and comfy, two nice features in a t-shirt, as well as pre-washed to reduce shrinkage. I pre-washed myself to reduce shrinkage once and it totally did not work.

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